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Distributors, dealers, VAR’s and OEM’s
in need for a fast, simple and reliable
file sharing solution for their HPC customers

AVFS as a SAN file system is agnostic to storage arrays and hardware and storage and transport protocol. So AVFS can integrate storage from commodity hardware to NVME-oF arrays. AVFS is also agnostic to brands and can up to a certain point integrate legacy storage arrays. Ardis Technologies understands that competition for AVFS can come from file systems such as BeeGFS, Spectrum Scale, Weka.io, HDFS and others supporting SMB and NFS. Ardis combines AVFS and its file sharing software with block IO protocols such as iSCSI, iSER, FC, NVME-oF and SMB is supported only for low bandwidth operations.

Also for convenience of management in HPC and M & E user and group access rights are folder based instead of file based. Due to the nature where Ardis Technologies is coming from AVFS performs best when handling unstructured data.


Detailed specifications of AVFS can be found under the Specifications icon, the right one at the bottom of this page.

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