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DDP - Dynamic Drive Pool is a multi-award-winning shared storage system.

It is available with SSD Caching, Load Balancing and automatic Data Redistribution as well as a range
of additional advantages including Linear Bandwidth Scaling, Mirroring and One Namespace.

It all comes from one box, on one Ethernet network. Simple.
An IP-SAN based solution allowing full project and file level based sharing, it uses almost 100% of the available Ethernet bandwidth.

DDP is a simple and effective storage solution dedicated to meeting the demands of film, video and audio users.


About us

Ardis Technologies manufactures the Dynamic Drive Pool (DDP) series of Ethernet based SAN systems
with built-in metadata controller, the Ardis Virtual File System AVFS.

The DDP provides full project and file level based sharing for applications like Avid, Final Cut Pro,
Pro Tools, EVS, Adobe, Grass Valley, Telestream, Blackmagic design, DVS, Digital Vision,
Autodesk and all other applications with any video, audio and film format from DV to 8K/DPX.

The DDP can also be integrated with MAM and Backup systems.

DDP systems are reliable, scalable and easy to use.

The DDP product lines cover the needs of small businesses, mobile production facilities, universities and
educational institutions up to large postproduction and broadcast companies.

Because Ardis Technologies is a software technology driven company, the
functions of the DDP are developed in-house.

All software involved in the DDP Series is the sole property of Ardis Technologies.

The DDP is the easiest SAN around.
It is one system (a DDP), one network (Ethernet) and all from one manufacturer, Ardis Technologies.

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Dynamic Drive Pool


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