DDP is an Ethernet SAN
with its own iSCSI/AVFS metadata controller for wire speed access





We started delivering our new DDP series of High Availability Ethernet SAN, with at least one Dual DDP Head for the AVFS metadata and dual iSCSI raid controlled DDP storage arrays.
With its SAN performance and minimized down time the HA DDP is perfect in combination with MAM, ingest and playout systems and companies with many users   >> read more



Ethernet SAN with iSCSI/AVFS

Get the highest possible throughput now with your existing Ethernet infrastructure  >> read more

Multiple DDPs as One DDP

Multiple DDPs can be used as ONE DDP with Linear Scaling in capacity and bandwidth >> read more

HD, SSD or Hybrid

Each DDP can have SSD Caching, Load Balancing and also storage can be added on the fly >> read more


Folders with volume properties for your eyes only. Access control via integrated Workflow Manager >> read more

DDP - how it works

DDP storage servers are special and different from all others. DDP and DDP Clusters have one file system  >> read more

Backup, Archive, Synchronize

Archiware Backup, Archive and Synchronize integrated  >> read more




  The DDP series

Read more


Why a DDP?

DDP is an Ethernet SAN with the simplicity of a NAS system. Find out more about DDPs unique features like SSD Caching, Load Balancing and Clustering  >> read more

Our Technology

DDPs are modular Ethernet SAN shared storage systems which Scale Linear both in Bandwidth and Capacity. Grow as you go   >> read more


We are proud to announce that our High Availability Scale Out Ethernet SAN DDP has won the 2019 NAB Product of the Year Award >> read more

Learn More about microDDP

The storage market changes rapidly due to all flash, hybrid and cloud technology. The microDDP series is part of our vision of the future. Here, There and Elsewhere >> view microDDP video

Product information 

Download information about the DDP product sheets, about complex technical issues or nice interesting interviews  >> read more

Meet Us! Upcoming Events

We are so sorry to inform you that there will be no shows due to Covid-19. In case you want a demo contact your dealer or email us for more information. >> read more


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