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DDP – Extremely Fast
Shared Storage Solutions

AVFS – Scale out
HA SAN File System

Cables Network

DDP is short for Dynamic Drive Pool

DDPs are SAN shared storage solutions using ethernet

Big Data

To get SAN performance iSCSI is used

on Mac, Windows and Linux servers, workstations and desktops

Asset Management

DDP is optimised for Edit, MAM, PAM, ingest, play out & rendering applications

such as Premiere, FCX, Da Vinci Resolve, Edius, Cantemo, CatDV, EVS, Pro Tools, Arri, Softron and

Play Video

Avid Media Composer

Data Face

The Ardis Virtual File System (AVFS) is the software engine / metadata controller underneath

AVFS is a scale out high availability (HA) single file system developed in house for Media and Entertainment ( M and E ) and High Performance Computing (HPC)



Three elements determine the extreme DDP performance


DDP comes free of charge with two years hardware and software support, except for the HyPerDDP12D which comes with one year support


DDP supports HTTPS and two factor authentication


The DDP uses a single file system with one name space and single directory/folder structure


The basic building blocks are DDP base systems

Performance-Price Ratio

The best performance is obtained with an SSD pack as cache

High Availability

Users and applications on a HA DDP can continue when a failover occurs



1GB/s, HyPerDDP12D
Shared Storage : SSD Performance with HD Capacity

Standalone DDP series

Modular all-in-one-box Ethernet SAN storage servers

High Availability DDPs

Ethernet SAN consisting of dual DDP Head and redundant RAID storage arrays

MicroDDP series

SSD equipped 1U Ethernet SAN shared storage solutions


AVFS is a parallel scale out HA SAN file system for managing storage arrays


Shared storage for 8K, extreme fast


Modular super fast DDP which can be filled with up to 24 SSDs and cards

What Our Customers Say

Customer Jan Miltenburg

At on location environments, space is limited and time is money. Customers need a small, silent and easy to install storage solution with high performance and reliability. That’s where I see a great future for microDDPs at mobile facilities. We use it for big popfestivals, concerts,  awardevents, football games etc., a great environment for the microDDP here.

Jan Miltenburg, CEO Miltenburg AV The Netherlands

Customer Hillsong

Because DDP uses standard Ethernet protocols DDP storage shows up on each desktop as one local drive with normal read/write access. By simply having everyone seeing the One Volume, it gives quick and easy to change over without having to do any formatting, which is great.

Luke Irving, Hillsong’s TV technical manager,  Australia

Customer Northumbria University

When we pop a list of all our students/courses on to our interface drive, it automatically creates User, Folder Volume, Quota and groups students by their course. This is brilliant, we don’t have to manually add hundreds of students every year. Our students can just log in on any of the machines using their standard university ID and their drive appears on the desktop, so they can carry on their projects. Year after year.

Alexander Harbord, Technical support manager in the Faculty of Arts, Design & Social Sciences at the Northumbria University, North East of England

Customer MediaZoo

We also make magazines shows here, and our turnaroundtime on them has decreased many times, because we’re not having to copy media across onto local drives. Also we’re able to get editors and graphics working across several different parts of the same project, then play out as soon as each individual has finished, rather than wait for media to be copied from one drive to the next.

Jake McAuley, Head of Production Media Zoo, England

Customer Japan

DDP is the top of the investments we made over the years. We can focus all our time to our creativity rather then spending time with IT. Storage, high speed performance, centralize all data, easy connections and maintenance, DDP gives us all of that.

Alexandre Bartholo, SFX Artist Assembly, Japan

Customer Woestijnvis

There was a need to provide extra shared storage to accommodate part of the production / operation flows. In terms of capacity vs investment costs, the best option was to integrate current disks into 2 new 24D DDPs. We understand that moving disks between shared storage servers requires a good preparation & Ardis has provided a solution that offers high performance, availability and scalability to grow with us as our needs change over time.

Kris Francois, De Vijver Media, Belgium
Bart Vanmeerbeeck, SBS Belgium

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