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Accelerate Your Storage.
Faster Storage Requires a Faster Flexible Storage File System: AVFS

AVFS as a HA SAN file system integrates storage arrays under the hood of a single file system. It offers file sharing with parallel access and file based caching and tiering to maximise storage efficiency and costs. It can manage storage arrays connected with Ethernet, RoCE, FC, InfiniBand and combinations of these.

SSD Bandwidth

Data storage is undergoing a speed revolution. Flash media and faster interfaces like NVME are overwhelming traditional Fibrechannel and Ethernet Networks. Faster servers, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, machine learning, health care / life science / genomics, M and E, gaming workloads demand extreme performance per client of 20 GB/s bandwidth and latency as low as 1µsec.

The 2000/4K=67 miracle

HPC customers are more and more deploying hyper converged infrastructure (HCI), software-defined storage (SDS) and NVME over Fabrics (NVME-oF).

Modular DDPs

State of the art building blocks for this type of storage arrays can come from such companies as Nvidia/Mellanox, Excelero/NVMesh, Pavilion and others.
Within the single file system AVFS these arrays can be combined with more economical standard ethernet based storage arrays using for example iSCSI.

Take the power of AVFS, save money on premises and integrate iSER, NVME-oF or FC storage arrays with iSCSI storage arrays within a single file system

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is a parallel scale out HA SAN file system for managing storage arrays

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Distributors, dealers, VAR’s and OEM’s in need for a fast, simple and reliable file sharing solution for their HPC customers


Storage arrays and hardware of different brands and configurations with block IO network protocols can be integrated

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AVFS is in use 24/7 worldwide as file system for the DDP range of products

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High Availibility

AVFS is delivered as HA pair on a dual AVFS Head

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SSD Caching

Fast media function as cache mitigate spindle seek time

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AVFS comes with HTTPS web browser access, two factor authentication, built-in auditing and encrypting

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AVFS comes standard delivered on the 2U dual AVFS Head with 2 PCIe slots per Head for network cards

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All about components & details technical information

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