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Dual HA AVFSHead-1U
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AVFS is in use 24/7 worldwide

as file system for the DDP range of products

There is AVFS hard- and software reliability, storage hardware reliability and the influence of failing storage hardware on AVFS to consider. AVFS comes installed as HA pair on a dual AVFS Head.

In case of a metadata or file system issue a failover may happen when a HA solution is chosen. Such failover is transparent for clients both on reading an writing. Also there is no need for a maintenance and software update window because that can be performed while clients continue working.

AVFS is an in-house development fully owned by Ardis Technologies.
This is a must to be able to provide proper remote support.
The AVFS V5 version for M & E has been in use now for more then 2 years.
The reliability and the quality of spindles and SSDs and its Raid protection and the stability of the network are items to discuss separately as part of an investment.

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