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Shared Storage: SSD Performance with HD Capacity

HyPerDDP12D: Ultra fast shared storage and SSD performance for Post Production & Broadcast

The HyPerDDP12D is a modular and scalable high performance Ethernet SAN shared storage system that combines the best of both worlds: SSD cache performance with HD capacity for recording and editing audio, video & film.

It functions with Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, FCPX and all other applications and MAM systems.

The HyPerDDP12D shared storage server comes in a 2U chassis with dual 10GbE/RJ45 ports and 2 extra PCIe slots for cards. In the standard configuration, the HyPerDDP12D is equipped with a 4TB SSD cache, 32TB HD packs, and a total capacity of 36 TB. The SSD and HD packs are RAID5 protected. The 4 spare slots of the HyPerDDP12D can be equipped with an additional SSD or HD pack.

Shared Storage combining SSD Performance & HD Capacity

The 1GB/s HyperDDP12D

  • 36 TB shared storage capacity (2U with SSD4 1TB and HD4 8TB packs)
  • Modular High Performance Shared Storage for post production and broadcasting
  • Scalable Ethernet SAN for Avid, Premiere, Resolve, FCPX, Pro Tools and VFX
  • SSD cache performance with HD capacity for audio, video & film production and/or broadcasting
  • Ultra Fast Shared Storage with native Apple M support
  • Integration in Avid environments: Supports Avid FS and Avid bin locking
  • Always secure: DDP’s scale out file system AVFS comes with HTTPS web browser access, two factor authentification, built-in auditing and encrypting

More technical information

  • HyPerDDP12D comes with dual 10GbE/RJ45 ports and 2 extra PCIe slots for cards
  • Includes V5 scale out DDP Ethernet SAN software
  • Modular and capacity and bandwidth expandable within one file system
  • SSD and HD packs are RAID 5 protected
  • The HyPerDDP12D has 4 spare slots for additional SSD and HD packs
  • The HyPerDDP12D comes with 1 year warranty, see Delivery Conditions on
  • Support can be purchased for 1200,- Euro per year, see Support on
  • Available desktop drivers are always free. DDP updates are part of a support contract
  • The DDP components are of the shelf and replacements can be purchased locally
  • Archiware P5 is installed. Ask your dealer to purchase a license
  • Scale out shared storage solution for post production
  • Sliding arms can be supplied for 165,- Euro
  • Functions with Avid Media Composer, Premiere Pro, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve and MAM

Watch this video with a short explanation of the HyperDDP12D and SSD caching

The stream count values in the table are minimum values for the DDP. The stream count of any format you use can be obtained by dividing 1000MB/bandwidth of your format.

Video, audio and film formats example on reading1GB/s Ethernet SAN HyPerDDP12D
4K, UHD, 3840x2160, 10 bit, 25fr/s, 840 MB/s1
4K, with Canon EOS C500, 4096x2160, 10bit, 24fr/s,300MB/s3
Arriraw Open Gate, 3414x2198, 24fr/s, 270 MB/s4
4K,5K,6K Redcode, higest resolution and framerate,180MB/s5
3K, Arriraw, 24 fr/s, 168 MB/s6
4K, Sony, F55/F700 raw, 16bit, 24fr/s, 120 MB/s8
HDCAMSR 444, 110 MB/s9
HDCAMSR, 75 MB/s13
DNxHD444, 55 MB/s17
ProRes4444, 42 MB/s23
4K, R3D, 40 MB/s25
4K, Sony XAVC422, 10 bit, 30 MB/s33
DNxHD220, 28 MB/s35
ProRes HQ, 1080i60, 720p60, 1080p30, 28 MB/s35
DNxHD185, 24 MB/s41
ProRes HQ, 1080i50, 720p50, 1080p25, 24 MB/s41
DNxHD145, 18 MB/s55
HDCAM, 20 MB/s50
Audio, 24 bit, 48 KHz, 100 tracks, 15 MB/s66

Having an SSD cache and HD Data Locations has advantages:

  • 1. Files transparently can be moved/copied within the HyperDDP12D between cache and spindles without changes to the directory tree.
  • 2. Audio, DPX and low bandwidth video formats which give bad performance (seek time issues) with spindles, can be kept or consolidated on SSDs.
    That way they do not influence the spindle performance of regular video formats.
  • 3. If needed you can split copying / rendering from streaming with streaming materials on SSDs to prevent drop frames.
  • 4. Because bandwidth of SSDs and spindles add up the DDP has a bandwidth of 1 GB/s plus the spindle bandwidth.
  • 5. Files ingested to SSD are duplicated to spindles. The newest files are then on SSD and also on spindles.
  • 6. Folder volume files can be pinned to cache.
  • 7. Folder volume files can be copied on demand to cache.
  • Note: bandwidth during sustained writing or combining R/W may be lower.
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