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Dual HA AVFSHead-1U


& Komponenten

File systemAVFS SAN file system, Ardis Virtual File System
High AvailabilityYes
Posix complianceThe essentials
Supported metadata hardwaredual AVFS Heads
Supported storage arraysDDP, Infortrend, Seagate, others to be tested
Supported disk typesSATA, SAS and PCe SSD’s, NL and 24/7 3,5” SAS HDs
Supported network cardsEthernet, Infiniband and Fibrechannel all speeds
Supported network protocolsData: Ethernet, FC, Infiniband, RoCE AVFS: Ethernet (TCP/IP)

Metadata/Data Protection & Support

Metadata protection: via dual AVFS Head.
Raid protection: Raid 5 and or 6 and or Erasure coding based depending on choice of storage array’s.
Software defined storage protection: depending on the storage array’s selection and HA requirement.
Synchronous Metadata replication: included.
Synchronous Data replication: optional.
Asynchronous Data replication: license fee based via Archiware P5 synchronize.
Remote support: included in 2 years warranty; after that via support contract.
Other supports methods: phone and Email. Included in 2 years warranty.
Backup, Archive and Synchronise: included via Archiware P5, licensee fee needed.


Performance per AVFS/iSCSI/FC Linux client:> 2,5 GB/s.
Performance per AVFS/iSCSI/FC Windows client:> 2,2 GB/s.
Performance per AVFS/iSCSI/FC Mac client:> 2,5 GB/s.
Performance per AVFS/iSER Linux client:20GB/s.
Performance per AVFS/iSER Windows client:5 GB/s.
Performance per AVFS/iSER Mac client:n.a.
Performance per AVFS/NVME-oF Linux client:20GB/s.
Performance per AVFS/NVME-oF Windows client:5GB/s.
Performance per AVFS/NVME-oF Mac client:n.a.
Max IOPS, random R/W 4K per storage array:700000 less or more dependent on storage array.
Max Bandwidth per storage array:100 GB/s or less or more depending on storage array.
Max total performance via AVFS:sum of performances of all storage arrays.
Max total performance via SMB:determined by dual AVFS Head: max 6GB/s.
Bandwidth Limiting:Yes per workstation, server, client.
Multiple Connection per Session (MCS):Yes per workstation, server, client.


Capacity scaling limitation:none
Performance scaling limitation:none
Capacity scaling:Yes: online and offline
Performance scaling:Yes: online and offline
Storage array scaling:can be combined at will, may require integrated testing
File system scaling:not applicable
Max file size: 16TB:larger on request
Max number of folder volumes mounted:can be discussed
Number of files and folders per file system:more then 20 million
HA setup:Yes with dual AVFS Head and redundant raid/erasure coding storage arrays
Heterogeneous clustering:Yes, any type including generic if not too old

Metadata & Data Management

Management:via the AVFS web interface.
Metadata High Availability:Yes, Active-Passive
Data High Availability:Yes, Active-Active or Active-Passive, depend on storage array’s.
Caching:file based as part of AVFS.
Pinning:Cache mode, folder volume selectable in Storage Manager.
On Demand:Cache mode, folder volume selectable in Storage Manager.
Tiering:folder volume selectable in Storage Manager.
Balancing:folder volume selectable in Storage Manager.
Consolidating:folder volume selectable in Storage Manager.
Data Locations:yes, are equivalent to raid sets or combination of raid sets.
Folder volumes:yes are folder/directories with volume mount properties.
Quota settings:yes, adjustable per folder volume.
Data Distribution:selectable in Storage Manager.
Storage Manager:in Web Ui, part of AVFS, determines final data destinations,
Task Manager:in Web Ui, part of AVFS, shows tiering tasks progress.
Storage array management:storage arrays come with their own Web Ui.
Multipath:Yes for data.
API:Ask specifications.

User/Group Management

Data Sharing:Yes.
User access rights:Yes via web interface.
Group access rights:Yes via web interface.
Automount:yes: automatic mounting of volumes upon user/group logon.
AD/LDAP user password authentication:Yes.
ACL’s:Folder/User based.
SMB access:Yes, via Dual AVFS Head.


HTTPS support: Yes.
Two factor authentication support: Yes.
In line auditing support of:

Desktop (or DDP Head’s) iqn name {
Day and start time of an AVFS/Data connection
FV name or names
user login on desktop
description what user does with which files in which folder, file path from/to time of day
day and time of end of connection.

Inline encryption: Yes, when self encrypting drives are used.
Encryption at rest: Optional
File encryption: Depending on the storage arrays chosen.
Active Directory, LDAP and Local User Authentication: Yes.
ISO270001 compliant: Yes.
MPIAA compliant: Yes.
Physical share isolation: Yes via separate workstations, cards, cables and subnets.
SSH protected file system access: Optional.
SSL encryption data transfers: Optional.


Cloud support via integrated Archiware P5.

S3 support:Yes.
Azure support:Yes.
S3 Support:Yes.
Wasabi Support:Yes.
Google support:Yes.
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