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Ardis Technologies has become an Infortrend Alliance Partner for its High Availability (HA) Dual AVFSHead. The HA Dual AVFSHead with the scale out single AVFS file system can be used to manage Infortrend SAN storage arrays. The Ardis logo and a pop up card is added to the Infortrend Alliance Partner page.

Ardis & Infortrend

AVFS defines Data Locations (DL’s) on the storage arrays. Via mountable folders (called folder volumes) these DL’s can be selected to store data in. Data is stored via the iSCSI or FC protocol. The desktops accesses Data Locations simultaneously in parallel to read or write file data.

Qualified resellers, OEM’s and end users can purchase the HA Dual AVFSHead from Ardis Technologies and combine these in their lab with their legacy or to be purchased storage arrays. Information about the AVFSHead can be found on and information and performance figures of the storage arrays can be found on

About Ardis & Infortrend
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