The microDDP series

The microDDP series

The micro DDP is a fully equipped 1U Ethernet SAN shared storage solution. It is quiet, lightweight and can be hand carried. It comes with RAID5 protected SSD capacities up to 32 TB and a maximum throughput up to 2200 MByte/s. The DDP can be clustered if more bandwidth and capacity is needed. Ideal for outside broadcast solutions. >> read more | >> watch video 

standalone DDPseries

The standalone DDP series

The standalone DDP series is a modular all-in-one-box Ethernet SAN shared storage system with both storage and metadata controller integrated. The standalone series offers an effective solution for any company size and budget. The standalone series consists of the DDP12D, DDP16D, DDP24D, DDP48D and DDP48DF base systems. The base systems can be combined with HD and SSD packs of different capacities in a RAID 5 or RAID 6 configuration.
The base systems can be delivered partly populated and equipped with additional HD or SSD packs at a later date. When an SSD pack is installed SSD Caching can be used, thus eliminating seek time and giving a large increase in performance. >> read more

HA DDPseries

The High Availabily Scale Out DDP series

The HA DDP series are modular Ethernet SAN Shared Storage Servers and consist of a dual DDPHead, who act as redundant metadata controller of one or more dual raid controller DDP or third party storage arrays.

The storage arrays can be filled with Hds and SSDs with various capacities.   >> read more

mini DDP


The miniDDP series

The miniDDP48DF base system can be combined with up to 48x 2,5” SSDs with various capacities, GbE, EX and SAS cards. The mini series is ideal for companies looking for a compact storage solution with very high bandwidth. >> read more


The DDP configurator

DDP systems are modular because they are assembled from base systems, combinations of HD and SSD packs and Ethernet, EX and SAS cards. For an overview and details go to the DDP Configurator page >> read more

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