DDP conceptually works with one virtual volume/filesystem (Ardis Virtual File System AVFS), which holds folders with volume properties, the so-called Folder Volumes. With Folder Volumes, projects always match capacity, there is no unused capacity and no shrinking/expanding necessary.

In a setup with an administrator, users automatically get their assigned Folder Volumes on their desktops when they login. The administrator on the other hand has the DDP Volume with all folders and Folder Volumes on the screen.


The Folder Volumes screen

Folder Volumes screen
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The window in the middle is basically identical with the DDP Volume window. Underneath „Create Folder Volume“, the yellow icons are Folders and the blue ones are the Folder Volumes. When a yellow one is selected and „Apply“ is pressed, it turns into a Folder Volume with the blue icon also in the Workflow Manager. 



Benefits of Folder Volumes


Avid edit applications require their Avid Media Files directory under the root. And if there is One Namespace there is one root. With Folder Volumes there is One Namespace with any number of roots.


There is no need to shrink or expand a volume because Folder Volumes are managed by quota.


Admin can continuously monitor which user is active via the Users Active page.



Folder Volumes appear as volumes on the desktop giving a better overview.


Access on Folder Volumes is not restricted by level higher access right settings.


Parts of a volume can be hidden for operators.



Storage as Data Locations can be added on the fly and assigned to Folder Volume.


Folder Volume data can be load balanced between Data Locations.


SSD Caching can be assigned to Folder Volumes.


Download Folder Volume product information

FolderVolumes info


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