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We do not want to bore you with deliveries and standard case studies.
But this one is worth to read because of unique & brilliant technology demonstration of what AVFS (Ardis Virtual File System) is able to provide to a DDP customer!

We believe it was very impressive what our colleagues in cooperation with SBS and Amptec were able to accomplish here. They had a complex upgrade plan. Pascal tries to explain it all in this case story here. We do not want to bore you with deliveries and standard case studies. But this one is a special one!

Customer Request/Target:

With a total of 4 operational DDP entities inside the De Vijver Media, SBS Belgium owns 2 DDP systems for Post Production purposes.
Each systems is composed of 1 DDPHead and 1 DDP60EXR extension array with 60 slots capacity each.

DDP customer for many year now, SBS wanted to upgrade their shared storage capacity with 100TB per system, to be achieved by adding extra DDP disk packs of high capacity (10TB per disk).
In regards of their actual 2 DDP entities, which have grown in storage capacity since their initial integration, the 2 DDP60EXR arrays make use of 3 different disk types.

The first DDP systems had been initially delivered with 10TB disks and make use of the Ardis Hybrid Shared Storage technology. They were composed of a mix of HDD and SSD group of disks, 30x HDD and 10x SSD.
The second DDP systems were composed of DDP disk packs of 4TB and 10TB.
Aside of extending the shared storage capacity, the customer wanted to integrate 2 new DDP hybrid systems, 2 new DDP 24D hybrid systems to be used for many different tasks inside the production flow.

Making it possible : AVFS.

Because of the Ardis Virtual File System (AVFS) in-house developed by Ardis Technologies, it had been possible to operate full shared storage capacity using a mix of different type of disks capacity in the same storage array.
DDPs shared storage systems are fully compatible to collaborate on the same files in Windows, OSX and/or Linux, making so possible to collaborate on the same files and at the same time across a massive number of artists.

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