DDP how it works


DDP storage servers are special and different from all others.
DDP and DDP Clusters have one file system called "ddpvolume", which holds all files, folders and folder volumes.

The first picture shows the top level called : root.


DDP advantages 1
DDP advantages 2
DDP advantages 3
DDP advantages 4
DDP advantages 5

What does this mean for existing and new DDP customers?

DDP users benefit from:

* A large increase in performance due to Load Balancing
* Full control of SSD Cache to get large increase in performance where and when it is needed
* Mixing DDPs of different types/build dates in a DDP Cluster
* No directory changes while adding storage or DDPs
* Linear or tailor made performance and capacity scaling: Scale Out
* Writing data to two DDPs in parallel: Mirroring

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