The creator of some of Australia's largest television shows EndemolShine Australia uses a DDP solution to augment its storage requirements.

EndemolShine Australia creates many well-known television programmes, such as 'The Biggest Loser', 'Goggle- box', and 'Australian Ninja Warrior', the company has lots of editors, lots of media, and is always under pressure to get programmes to air quickly.


Back in 2013 EndemolShine Australia started looking at DDP as a solution to augment its existing Avid ISIS storage investment. Not a decision to be taken lightly and in 2015 the company took delivery of a DDPs two-chassis system. And had production work rolling on it less than two weeks later. For editing, audio and graphics over 30 stations were connected to the DDP across the existing infrastructure.

The primary factors in EndemolShine Australia's decision were:
* bulk shared storage at a competitive price
* seamless use from the Avid Media Composer platform (including the ability to use alongside ISIS)
* simple bolt-on JBOD expansion
* simple infrastructure requirements
* and compatibility with other applications.


High resolution workhorse
EndemolShine Australia uses a DDP solution for high-res media storage and playback, mastering directly from the shared volumes. A real workhorse with minimal management - it can handle multiple productions with appropriate security, all workspaces across a production can share capacity without having to constantly re-allocate (or can be set on a fixed quota), and Archiware P5 integrates directly to ensure volumes are always backed up externally for security.


Constant use
Ben Trinder, Technical Supervisor Post Production from EndemolShine Australia said: "We've had the DDP in use 24x7 since the day it went in, never had a hardware failure and it has gone 12 months+ without even a reboot. Client software just works - appears as native Avid storage simultaneous with ISIS workspaces, performs well with Resolve and Adobe CC and doesn't need complex driver or networking setups.”

“With 120TB of DDP capacity that constantly gets filled and flushed, it is a robust system that meets our ever-changing requirements. We are looking to move up to the DDP v4/5 software release to add more functionality/performance to our existing investment."


Development pledge
Elvin Jasarevic, Director of DDP Asia & Middle East, said: "We are incredibly happy that EndemolShine is using DDP shared storage to produce some of the most popular content for television in Australia. Success like this makes us more committed than ever to developing our software even further.

"With DDP V4 and the upcoming V5 software, which allows SSD Caching, Load Balancing, Instant Replication and other "DDP only" features like 'Folder Volumes with Quota' and Workflow Manager, our aim is to give clients like EndemolShine the edge, while making their jobs easier," added Jasarevic.


Studio of ESA

Pictures: EndemolShine Australia.


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