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We proudly present our new website. We hope that you as a potential customer now are able to configure the DDP system suitable for you.
The tool on Our Products page: "How to Select a DDP" can assist you with that. It is good to understand that DDPs are modular!


SSDs are quickly becoming accepted. Not in the least because they are very fast, use much less power then hard disks, are tiny and produce much less noise. The price is still a disadvantage though. To overcome this price problem a bit we offer the ability to combine SSDs with hard disks in each DDP base system. You can see this for yourself in the Our Products pages.

The miniDDP48D has a built in metadata controller and can be configured with Raid 5 sets of SSDs. It currently can hold up to 48 SSDs with capacities of 1,2 and 4TB. It can be partly populated so additional SSD packs can be added later.

Together with our new website and our V3 software version we also introduce a new look on our DDP series, combined with a flair of orange . Orange is the dutch national color. Our king, Willem Alexander, inherited the title "Prince of Orange" and only his oldest daughter carries the title "Princess of Orange" too. 

Willem van Oranje


It originates from count Willem the Silent, count of Nassau - Dillenburg in the Middle Ages. Somewhere in the South of France close to the river Rhone, there was this little countship Orangien, probably named after the blooming trading of oranges. Around 1580 Willem the Silent inherited this countship and the title "Prince of Orange". 

The old Province of Orange near the river Rhone

King Willem-Alexander & his daughter Amalia


Nowadays many dutch companies carry glimpse of orange in their logo, but the most famous is the orange outfit and flag of our national soccer team. Even supporters and fans color themselves in orange. They believe that orange stands for dynamic energy, fun, optimism and creativity.

Dutch colored Flag & Dutch Lion

Together with introducing V3 software we also started to cooperate with Archiware. That resulted in Archiware P5 software being part of V3 with full support from the Archiware support team.

The way our customers work becomes more complex by the day. In addition to streaming, there is ingest, play out and more and more transcoding, indexing going on.
Not to mention JKL keyboard actions (scrubbing) where bandwidth can get as high as the Ethernet port allows. Luckily BWL, our Band Width Limiting feature then comes to the rescue.

The DDP V3 software also has a Nagios SNMP server built-in. That allows us to increasingly monitor DDP parameters. DDP users are familiar with the IO Monitor to observe DDP performance but that window refreshes each few minutes. Using the Nagios server performance data can be observed, saved and emailed if necessary on a much longer time scale.

Also we added the ability to monitor the retransmission counter. You can consider the retransmission counter as a measure of the quality of your Ethernet network.

Archiware P5

In How to Select a DDP using an example it is shown how to select a DDP with the capability your workflow requires.

Our microDDP is now available with 3 TB effective capacity and 4 x 1GbE ports. With just 5 Kg and hand-carriable it can be used as shared storage on small location jobs.


Other News - DDP60EX

The DDP60EXR is our latest addition to the scalable redundant DDP systems. Being a full redundant storage array it has double power
supplies and IO controllers.


It can hold both 3,5 and 2,5 inch hard disks or solid state disks. For hard disks using SATA connections interposer boards per drive carrier are optionally available. Each IO controller has four SAS connectors and is hot swappable.
The DDP60EXR can be used in combination with one or two DDP Head(s) (full redundant with automatic failover) which holds our iSCSI/AVFS ethernet SAN technology, 1 and/or 10 GbE ports and EX cards to drive DDP60EXRs.

Click here for more info about The DDP60EX 

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