The microDDPs on the road

It is again festival season here in the Benelux and on top of that there was the European Athletics Championships in Amsterdam, UEFA Euro 2016 in France and equipment is being shipped from here to the Summer Olympic in Brazil. Of course on many of these events DDPs are and have been present. However this year I am amazed how much rental in July alone is here going on with microDDPs from various rental companies.

Jan de Wit
micro- and miniDDP at UEFA 2016
news-10-3The microDDP10GbE
Jan de Wit
Jan de Wit with a microDDP

* Rock Werchter 2016 was a large Open-Air pop festival in Belgium. Two microDDPs were used as shared storage between EVS Ingest and Premiere.
* European Athletics Championships was held in Amsterdam. Two microDDPs were used as shared storage between EVS Ingest and Premiere.
* North Sea Jazz festival was held in Rotterdam. One microDDP was used as shared storage between Just-In and Movie recorder and Premiere.
* UEFA Euro 2016 in France. One microDDP was in use there for edit jobs in the International Broadcast Centre in Paris.
* Dutch TV program called: Herrie in het hotel. The show is still being ingested this month. One microDDP is in use with Avid Media Composers.
* Zwarte Cross is a large Open-Air Festival in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. They welcome over 200.000 visitors. It is a Dutch farmers family festival with lots of music, motor cross, a big fair and stunts.One microDDP is used with Premiere for editing for a Dutch broadcaster at Zwarte Cross.
* Summer Olympic 2016 to be held in Brazil. Three microDDPs are shipped to Brazil. Exactly how they are going to be used we do not know yet but we certainly will hear about this at some point.
* Tomorrowland to be held in Belgium. Last year’s event had worldwide more than 14 million live you tube views. This year is going to be bigger because events from a number of countries happening simultaneously are integrated both ways. Three microDDPs will be in use there.

 Of course the list continuous since this is just the month of July.

The microDDP10GbE is just 5Kg (11 lbs), 25 cm (10 “), 1U, 19 “, quiet, low power, hand carried.
It comes in raid 5 protected SSD capacities of 8, 16, 32 and 60 TB with a throughput of 2200 MByte/s. Can be combined with anything, edit applications, render machines, indexers, MAM systems, ingest and playout solutions you name it.
With the upcoming V5 software a microDDP can be used standalone and the next moment it can be an integral part of a bigger DDP setup without copying data. Or one can opt (also with V5) for a fully redundant mirror setup for mirrored ingest/recording or copying. 


Jan de Wit, CEO 



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