High Availability Scale Out Ethernet SAN DDP

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Breaking News at NAB 2019, you are welcome to visit our booth SL6824.
There Ardis Technologies presents its latest DDP : the High Availability Scale Out DDP, based on Ethernet SAN.
It consists of a minimum of two DDP Heads and a scalable number of storage arrays with iSCSI dual raid controllers.
And on April 10 we were the Winner of the NAB Product of the Year Award 2019 in the Category Storage.


The Ethernet SAN DDP on the show is Transparent, Failover & Scale Out with File Based Caching & Load Balancing. It consists of 2x DDP Head, 1x miniDDP24EXRraid with SSDs; other storage arrays can be added. Storage arrays can hold spindles and SSDs and combinations.
The connection between desktops, DDP Heads and storage arrays is standard Ethernet and can vary from 1 to 100 GbE using standard Ethernet switches.

General description

DDP Heads control the metadata via the in house developed Ardis Virtual File system called AVFS. The DDP Heads, DDP storage arrays, switches and desktops communicate over standard Ethernet. One DDP Head designated as master tells the desktops where data on the storage arrays can be found or can be written. Desktops use iSCSI and have simultaneous access to each storage array. The DDP system can be delivered with spindles only. However systems consisting of an SSD and spindle group(s) are recommended. Ingesting, recording, copying, playback can then to/from an SSD group designated as cache. The SSD cache algorithm keeps the data in cache, which is currently needed the most. The larger the SSD group the more data can be cached. When a file is accessed which is not in the SSD cache the system automatically gets it from the spindle group(s). There is full control per folder over if data should be cached and how and if and how it is stored on the spindles (balanced or data location specific).

Transparent failover

IMG 1389Both DDP Heads are active but only the DDP Head designated as master controls the metadata. The DDP Heads each having a different IP Address communicate with the desktops using AVFS. Controlled by AVFS desktops transfer data to/from each storage array using the iSCSI protocol.  

The desktops use multi path iSCSI to access the active/active storage arrays. A desktop transfers data from to one controller using one of the two Ethernet connections. This does not concern the DDP Head. Both Heads are active but solely the master has file system access. A failover from a storage array is transparent for reading and writing. Transparent failover for reading and writing of the metadata is in the making.

Scaling in capacity

When the SSD cache capacity must be increased a partly populated DDP24EXRRAID base system can be expanded with SSD packs. Also higher capacity SSD packs can be installed. Or an additional DDP24EXRRAID base system can be purchased and seamlessly integrated. A DDP24EXRRAID base system can be with one SSD4 pack or with 1,2 or 3 x SSD8 packs of 960GB, 1920GB, 3.8TB, 7TB and 15.3TB SAS SSDs. When the hard disk capacity must be increased a partly populated storage array can be expanded with hard disks. Or an additional storage array holding 3,5” hard disks can be purchased and seamlessly integrated. Current 3,5” SAS hard disk capacity runs up to 14TB. Solutions with more tiers are also possible. For access to/from the cloud with refer to Archiware P5 software, which is integrated in the DDP.

Scaling in bandwidth

Because desktops access storage arrays simultaneously the bandwidth increases with 5GB/s on reading and 3GB/s on writing with every DDP24EXRRAID added. Bandwidth scaling with spindles follows a similar path when balanced (Load Balancing) is selected in the Storage Manager.

storage manager

 The Storage Manager of the DDP


1. There may be a situation that FC, FCoE or Infiniband connections must be part of an installation. This can be discussed as part of a quotation.

2. There may be a situation that foreign already existing FC equipped storage arrays must be part of an installation. Additional implementation costs can be discussed as part of a quotation.

3. To increase the redundancy further a redundant Ethernet switch setup can be added. Ardis Technologies can advise how to set that up.


Read the PDF about the High Availability Scale Out DDP of the 2019 Winner NAB Award


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Take a look at some nice pictures of the 2019 NAB Award Winner Ardis Technologies / Dynamic Drive Pool

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