What kind of maintenance tools does the DDP provide?



 The main screen of the DDP GUI shows Event log, Volume Check, Verify/Repair, RAID cards, Nagios and Remote Diag as maintenance options. The window on the left side of the main screen shows DDP activity per IP address or stream or I/O and other indications.

Maintenance ranges from preventive with automated scheduled volume checks to monitoring via RAID cards, I/O monitor and SNMP via Nagios further to a filesystem repair page. The DDPss CLI interface can also be used.


What makes the DDP future proof?

1. Any DDP of 2U or higher is expandable in capacity and bandwidth.
2. The hardware components are standard off-the-shelf and therefore future proof.
3. The software is fully owned and continuously adapted and updated.
4. The company is owned by the developers, no stakeholders.



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